nn. Editorial: Stress seldom comes alone.
keywords: Abiotic stress. 
Ruivenkamp, G. and Richards, P. Drought Tolerance Research as a Social Process.
keywords: Abiotic stress. 
Visser, B. Technical Aspects of Drought Tolerance.
keywords: Abiotic stress. 
Jaffé, W. and Rojas, M. Abiotic Stress and Biotechnology in Latin America.
keywords: Abiotic stress; Latin America/Carribean; Small-scale farming. 
Chaturvedi, S.  India Tries for Drought Tolerance.
keywords: Abiotic stress; India. 
Mugabe, J.  Research on Biofertilizers: Kenya, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. 
keywords: Kenya; Zimbabwe; Tanzania; Biofertilizers; Small-scale farming. 
Jaffé, W. and Rojas, M. Transgenic Potato Tolerant to Freezing.
keywords: Genetic engineering; Abiotic stress; International Potato Center (CIP); Potato/Sweet potato. 
Commandeur, P. The Politics of Banana and Plantain Research.
keywords: Banana/plantain; International Network for the Improvement of Banana and Plantain (INIBAP); Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR); Policies/Programmes. 
Bijman, J. Biosafety Regulation.
keywords: Biosafety/Foodsafety; Developing countries (general); Policies/Programmes; Genetic engineering. 
Prakash, C.S. Sweet Potato Biotechnology: Progress and potential.
keywords: Potato/Sweet potato; Cell-/Tissue culture; Disease/pest resistance; Genetic engineering. 
Heissler, M. Rhône­Poulenc.
keywords: Rhône-Poulenc; Private industry; Trade; Human health; Feeding (animal); Agrochemicals; Drugs (animal). 
Richards, P. The Shaping of Biotechnology: Institutional culture and ideotypes.
keywords: Plant breeding; Socio-economic impact. 

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