nn. Editorial: Increasing economic opportunities.
keywords: Trade. 
Commandeur, P. and Roozendaal, G. van The Case of Cut Flowers: Biotechnology in a non­traditional export sector.
keywords: Trade; Employment/Income; Technology transfer; Flowers/Ornamentals. 
Wijk, J. van Floriculture in Colombia.
keywords: Colombia; Trade; Technology transfer; Flowers/Ornamentals; Private industry; Intellectual property rights. 
Roozendaal, G. van Kenyan Cut Flower Export Blooming.
keywords: Kenya; Trade; Private industry; Flowers/Ornamentals.
Pandey, B. and Chaturvedi, S. Floriculture Industry in India Gets Ready for Export.
keywords: India; Flowers/Ornamentals; Policies/Programmes; Public institute; Trade. 
Bijman, J. Flower Colour Is Major Target in Genetic Engineering of Cut Flowers.
keywords: Flowers/Ornamentals; Genetic engineering; Private industry; Plant breeding. 
Elderhorst, M. Will Cuba's Biotechnology Capacity Survive the Socio­economic Crisis?
keywords: Cuba; Policies/Programmes; Human health; Trade; Intellectual property rights; Public institute. 
Ofir, Z.M. Biotechnology in the New South­Africa.
keywords: South Africa; Policies/Programmes; Public institute. 
Jaffé, W. and Rojas, M. Biotechnology Opportunities in Guatemala and Costa Rica.
keywords: Costa Rica; Guatemala; Relation public-private sector; Coffee; Cell-/Tissue culture. 
Juma, C., Magambo, J.M. and Monteith, H. Tissue Culture for Coffee: The case of Uganda.
keywords: Uganda; Cell-/Tissue culture; Coffee. 
Visser, B. The Prospects for Technical Guidelines for Safety in Biotechnology.
keywords: Biosafety/Foodsafety; Policies/Programmes. 
Goldstein, D.J. A Critique of the Critics.
keywords: Grass root technologies; Socio-economic impact; Access to genetic resources; Patent law. 

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