nn. Editorial: Should national sovereignty be conserved?
keywords: Access to genetic resources; Intellectual property rights.
Commandeur, P. Symposium: Patents, genes and butterflies.
keywords: Intellectual property rights; Biodiversity prospecting; Access to genetic resources; Human Genome Project.
Jaffé, W. and Rojas, M.  Attempt to Implement the Biodiversity Convention in the Andean Region.
keywords: Latin America/Carribean; Access to genetic resources. 
Mugabe, J. and Ouko, E. Control over Genetic Resources.
keywords: Access to genetic resources; Intellectual property rights; Technology transfer. 
Bijman, J. Agracetus: Patenting all transgenetic cotton.
keywords: Grace/Agracetus; Private industry; Cotton; Patent law; Genetic engineering. 
Bijman, J. Oilseed Rape.
keywords: Rapeseed/Canola; Genetic engineering; Private industry; Substitution; Plant breeding; North America; Europe (West). 
Jovetic, S. Natural Pyrethrins and Biotechnological Alternatives.
keywords: Industrial crops; Biopesticides; Genetic engineering; Cell-/Tissue culture; Private industry; Socio-economic impact; Substitution. 
Pistorius, R. Negros Revised: The impact of sugar substitution by HFCS in perspective.
keywords: Philippines; Sugarcane/-beet; Substitution; Employment/Income; Trade. 
Pandey, B. and Chaturvedi, S. Propects for Aquaculture in India.
keywords: India; Aquaculture; Employment/Income; Policies/Programmes. 
Thro, A.M., Henry, G. and Lynam, J.K.  Biotechnology and Small­scale Cassava Farmers.
keywords: Cassava; International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT); Small-scale farming; Cell-/Tissue culture; Genetic engineering. 
Commandeur, P. REDBIO and FAO's Global Programme on Plant Biotechnology.
keywords: Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO); Policies/Programmes; Latin America/Carribean. 
Jaffé, W. and Rojas, M. Human Resources for Biotechnology: Latin America.
keywords: Latin America/Carribean; Policies/Programmes; Public institute; Human resources. 
Jain, H.K. The Biodiversity Convention: More losers than winners.
keywords: Access to genetic resources; Intellectual property rights; United Nations Conference for Environment and Development (UNCED). 

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