nn. Editorial: The unpredictability of biotechnology. 
keywords: Substitution; Socio-economic impact.
Manicad, G. Technological Changes and the Perils of Commodity Production: Biotechnology and the Philippine coconut farmers.
keywords: Coco palm; Philippines; Small-scale farming; Substitution; Trade; Public institute. 
Zweifel, H. Modern Biotechnologies in Agriculture: Impact on women in the South.
keywords: Ghana; Colombia; Gender; Socio-economic impact; Cassava; Cacao. 
Roozendaal, G. van Organizing Biotechnology Research in Africa.
keywords: Policies/Programmes; Africa (Sub-Saharan); Public institute.
Wijk, J. van Plant Breeders' Rights Create Winners and Losers.
keywords: Developing countries (general); Plant breeders' rights; Seed; Access to genetic resources; Argentina; Relation public-private sector. 
Dhar, B., Pandey, B. and Chaturvedi, S.  Farmers' Interests Recognized in Indian PBR Bill.
keywords: Plant breeders' rights; Farmers' rights; India; Private industry; Seed; General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).
Heissler, M. New Style Merging: AgrEvo.
keywords: AgrEvo; Agrochemicals; Private industry; Herbicide/pesticide tolerance. 
Kollek, R. Ambiguous Genes.
keywords: Patent law.

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