nn. Editorial: A view on the pharmaceutical sector.
keywords: Human health; Public acceptance. 
Sprenger, U.  Challenging the Immune System: The development of anti­fertility vaccines.
keywords: Contraceptives; Vaccines (human); World Health Organization (WHO); Gender. 
Chaturvedi, S. and Pandey, B. Vaccine Policy in India.
keywords: India; Vaccines (human); Policies/Programmes. 
Schomberg, R. von, and Wheale, P.  Human Genome Research.
keywords: Human Genome Project; Ethical aspects; Human genome; Intellectual property rights. 
Jonas, D. and Käferstein, F. Genetic Modification and Food Safety.
keywords: Biosafety/Foodsafety; Genetic engineering; Food processing; World Health Organization (WHO); Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). 
Wijk, J. van  Broad Biotechnology Patents Hamper Innovation.
keywords: Patent law. 
Kate, K. ten Biodiversity Prospecting Partnerships: The role of providers, collectors and users.
keywords: Biodiversity prospecting; Policies/Programmes. 
Pistorius, R. Biodiversity Policies within FAO or CoP?
keywords: Germplasm conservation; Access to genetic resources; Intellectual property rights; Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO); United Nations Conference for Environment and Development (UNCED); United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). 
Sehgal, S.  First the Seed ­ Then you can worry about patents.
keywords: Patent law; Access to genetic resources. 

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