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keywords: Public acceptance; Intellectual property rights; Ethical aspects; Labelling; Biosafety/Foodsafety; European Union (EU); United Kingdom; Italy; Germany; France. 
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keywords: Private industry; Policies/Programmes; Europe (West); European Union (EU); Technology transfer. 
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keywords: European Union (EU); Technology transfer. 
Manicad, G. Biodiversity Conservation and Development: The collaboration of formal and non­formal institutions.
keywords: Germplasm conservation; Access to genetic resources; Non-Governmental Organizations; Grass root technologies; Intellectual property rights. 
Ramani, S.V. Creating Incentives: A comparison of government strategies in India and France.
keywords: Policies/Programmes; India; France; Private industry. 
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keywords: Policies/Programmes; Intellectual property rights; Biosafety/Foodsafety; Latin America/Carribean. 
Ross, E.B. Malthusianism and Agricultural Development: False premises, false promises.
keywords: Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR); Green Revolution; Small-scale farming. 

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