nn. Editorial: The morning after Leipzig. 
keywords: Germplasm conservation; Access to genetic resources; Intellectual property rights. 
Nemoga­Soto, G.R. The Effects of "Leipzig" on Latin America and the Caribbean.
keywords: Latin America/Carribean; Access to genetic resources; Germplasm conservation; Technology transfer; Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). 
Solleiro, J.L. Bogotá Meeting on Plant Genetic Resources.
keywords: Latin America/Carribean; Access to genetic resources; Germplasm conservation; Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). 
Butler, B. and Pistorius, R. How Farmers' Rights Can Be Used to Adapt Plant Breeders' Rights.
keywords: Farmers' rights; Plant breeders' rights; Access to genetic resources; Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO); General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). 
Kathen, A. de  The Impact of Transgenic Crop Releases on Biodiversity in Developing Countries.
keywords: Developing countries (general); Biosafety/Foodsafety; Genetic engineering; Biodiversity; Potato/Sweet potato. 
Commandeur, P. Private ­ Public Cooperation in Transgenic Virus­Resistant Potatoes: Monsanto, USA ­ CINVESTAV, Mexico.
keywords: Monsanto Company; Mexico; Disease/pest resistance; Genetic engineering; Relation public-private sector; Potato/Sweet potato; Technology transfer; International Service for Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA). 
Hoop, B. de The Effects of External Funding on Biotechnology Transfer. A case study on Egypt.
keywords: Technology transfer; Egypt; Public institute; Cell-/Tissue culture; Genetic engineering; US Agency for International Development (USAID). 
Galun, E. Rural Population Helped by 'Partnerships' in Processing Industry?
keywords: Small-scale farming; Employment/Income; Developing countries (general); Food processing. 

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