nn. Editorial: Effective research needs more than participatory priority setting. 
keywords: Participatory approaches; Policies/Programmes.
Manicad, G. Priority Setting in Agricultural Research: A brief conceptual background. 
keywords: Participatory approaches; Policies/Programmes. 
Commandeur, P. The DGIS Special Programme on Biotechnology. 
keywords: Directorate General for International Cooperation, the Netherlands (DGIS); Policies/Programmes; Participatory approaches; India; Kenya; Zimbabwe; Colombia; Small-scale farming. 
Muñoz Schick, C.  Chile's Experiences in Planning Agricultural Biotechnology. 
keywords: Policies/Programmes; Chile. 
Ghislain, M., Nelson, R. and Walker, T. Resistance to Potato Late Blight: A global research priority. 
keywords: Policies/Programmes; International Potato Center (CIP); Potato/Sweet potato; Disease/pest resistance; Genetic engineering. 
Mulongoy, K. Different Perceptions on the International Biosafety Protocol. 
keywords: Biosafety/Foodsafety; United Nations Conference for Environment and Development (UNCED). 
Atehortua, L. Heliconias: A new challange for the Colombian floricultural industry. 
keywords: Flowers/Ornamentals; Colombia; Biodiversity prospecting; Intellectual property rights; Cell-/Tissue culture. 
Kutukdjian, G.B. The Need for Bioethics is Universal. 
keywords: Ethical aspects; United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). 

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