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keywords: Genetic engineering; Biosafety/Foodsafety; Apomixis; Cell-/Tissue culture.
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keywords: Genetic engineering; Biosafety/Foodsafety; Private industry; Monsanto Company; United States of America; Tobacco; Patent law; Relation public-private sector.
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keywords: Genetic engineering; United States of America; China Peoples Republic; Canada; Argentina; Australia; Plant breeding; Disease/pest resistance; Herbicide/pesticide tolerance; Soya bean; Maize; Tobacco; Cotton; Rapeseed/Canola; Fruits and nuts.
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keywords: Drugs (human); Vaccines (human); World Health Organization (WHO); World Trade Organization (WTO); Patent law.
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keywords: India; Policies/Programmes; Governmental organization; Cell-/Tissue culture; Genemapping techniques; Genetic engineering; Drugs (human); Vaccines (human); Bioinformatics.
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keywords: Fermentation technology; Warfare; Vaccines (human); Biofertilizers; Biopesticides; Trade; International organization.
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keywords: Genetic engineering; Sustainable agriculture; Biofertilizers; Biopesticides; Biosafety/Foodsafety.

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