The editors Editorial: Network approach in biotechnology?
keywords: Biopolicies/Biotechnology programmes, Networks, Relation public-private sector.
Wijk, J. van Biotechnology and Hunger: Challenges for the biotech industry.
keywords: Developing countries, Private industry, Plant production, Public acceptance.
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keywords: Mexico, Private industry, Public institute, Plant production, Genetic improvement (plants), Disease/pest resistance, Potato/Sweet potato, Small-scale farming, Monsanto.
Eastmond, A. and Robert, M.L. Henequen and the Challenge of Sustainable Development in Yucatan, Mexico.
keywords: Mexico, Public institute, Cell-/Tissue culture, Plant production, Industrial crops.
Verkleij, J.A.C. and Kuiper, E. Various Approaches to Controlling Root Parasitic Weeds.
keywords: Inputs (agricultural), Disease/pest resistance, Herbicide/pesticide tolerance, Other disciplines than biotechnology, Grass root technologies, Genetic engineering.
Rani, M.G. Community Gene Banks Sustain Food Security and Farmersí Rights.
keywords: Grass root technologies, Biodiversity, Germplasm Conservation, Farmers' rights.
Bate, R. Organic Myths: The retreat from science.
keywords: Sustainable agriculture, Public acceptance.

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