The editors Editorial: Working towards a strong protocol
keywords: Biosafety
Meyer, H. The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
keywords: Biosafety, Convention on Biological Diversity
  Glossary and Citations to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
keywords: Biosafety
Dommelen, A. van The Precautionary Principle: Dealing with controversy
keywords: Biosafety
Lehmann, V. Herbicide tolerant soybean: Just another step in a technology treadmill?
keywords: Argentina, Genetic Engineering, Herbicide resistance (Plant production), Soya bean, Agrochemical, Monsanto
Mareida, K.M.; Erbisch, F.H. & Sampaio, M.J. Technology transfer offices for developng countries
keywords: Technology transfer, Philipines, Indonesia, Brazil, USA
Alston, J.M.; Pardey, P.G. & Smith, V.H. Revamping agricultural research policies in industrialized countries
keywords: USA, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom,Netherlands, Pivate industry, Public Institute, Plant production
Lorch, A. Push and Pull: Biological control of stemborer and Striga
keywords: Maize, Substainable Agriculture, Small-scale farming
McGuire, S. Review of Farmers' seed production: New approaches and practices by Almekinders, C. and Louwaars, L. (1999).
keywords: Participatory approaches
Brett, L.S. Mapping human variations
keywords: Human Genome, Human Genome Project

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