The editors Editorial: Non-food crops
keywords: Genetic engineering, Plant production, Cotton, Trees.
Rautner, M. Designer trees
keywords: Trees, Genetic engineering, New Zealand, USA, China, Herbicide tolerance, Disease/pest resistance, Risk assessment
Dinham, B. GM cotton - Farming by formula?
keywords: Cotton, Genetic engineering, Disease/pest resitantance, Bt plants
Sharma, D. The introduction of transgenic cotton in India
keywords: India, Cotton, Bt plants.
Roca de Doyle, M. M. Crisis research: Managing Lethal Tellowing disease
keywords: Honduras, Latin America, Trees, Disease/pest resistance, Coco palm.
Lehmann, V. Interview: Biotechnology in the Rockefeller Foundation's new course of action
keywords: Genetic Engineering, Plant production, Rice, Added value plants, NGOs.
Lehmann, V. The Rockefeller Foundation
keywords: NGos
Lorch, A. Is this the way to solve malnutrition?
keywords: Rice, Added value plants, Human health, Intellectual propety rights.
Kruszewska, I. Bulgaria: Torn between North American seed producers and EU consumers
keywords: Bulgaria, Genetic engineering, Maize, Bt plants, Regulations, Private companies, Monsanto, Pioneer.
Bijman, J. Restructuring the life science companies
keywords: Private companies, Seed, Agrochemicals, Monsanto, Pioneer, Aventis, Syngenta, Bayer, Dupont.
Schmeiser, P. Opinion page: Genetic contamination and farmers' rights
keywords: Canada, Monsanto, Seed, Herbicide tolerance, Intelectual property rights

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