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Monitor 50 (PDF) Looking back and looking forward
Monitor 49 Biodiversity online
Monitor 48 Perspectives
Monitor 47 Public Perceptions
Monitor 46 Public-private research for health
Monitor 44/45 Non-food crops
Monitor 43 The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety
Monitor 42 Farmers and seed
Monitor 41 Reaching out for small-scale farmers
Monitor 40 Genomics: Sequences and consequences
Monitor 39 Building capacity for biotechnology
Monitor 38 Biological risk assessment
Monitor 37 Women and PGR management;
CGIAR-private sector collaboration
Monitor 36 Various options for sui generis rights systems
Monitor 35 Impacts of modern biotechnologies on agriculture
Monitor 34 Review of the TRIPS Agreement
Monitor 33 Horizontal resistance breeding;
CGIAR evaluation
Monitor 32 Biotechnology and ethics
Monitor 31 Priority setting in biotechnology research
Monitor 30 AIDS: biomedical, social and behavioral research and development
Monitor 29 New approaches in plant breeding; Bachillus thuringiensis crops
Monitor 28 Leipzig Conference; Technology transfer
Monitor 27 Livestock production
Monitor 26 Biotechnology in Europe:public debate,regulation, government policies
Monitor 25 Human Health: anti-fertility vaccins, vaccine production in India, human genome research, food safety
Monitor 24 Biotechnology in the USA
Monitor 23 Substitution in vegetable oils ad fats sector;
Plant breeders' rights
Monitor 22 Biotechnology in Japan
Monitor 21 Genetic resources: Convention on Biological Diversity
Monitor 20 Biotechnology in floriculture
Monitor 19 Hybrid crops: maize, wheat, apomixis
Monitor 18 Abiotic stress: drought tolerance