Call for Contributions
The editorial board of the Biotechnology and Development Monitor is looking for new correspondents and contributors, especially from developing countries, to widen its international scope. The Monitor is interested in receiving articles that describe and analyze trends in biotechnology development and its impact that are considered important to developing countries. Because of the diverse background of the readers, the articles should be written in such a way that they are also understandable for readers without a scientific background.

We invite people to submit material in English to the Monitor. The following types of contributions can be submitted:
  • Articles (up to 2500 words), focusing on socio-economic issues (the impact of intellectual property rights, of biodiversity, etc) and the impact of biotechnological developments at national and local level;
  • Articles (up to 2500 words), focusing on technical research taking place and its relevance for developing countries;
  • Page 24 articles (up to 800 words), representing the opinion of the author on the relation between socio-economic issues and biotechnology;
  • Conference reports (up to 2500 words), critically analyzing conferences that have taken place;
  • Reviews of books and reports (up to 600 words), discussing themes of interest for people in developing countries;
  • Contributions to the Monitor's the Readers' Page, in which readers are invited to express their opinion on articles earlier published in the Monitor, or to report on country-related developments or insights as a reaction to previously published articles. We welcome any contribution with a maximum of 500 words.
Modest author fees are available for all the above-mentioned contributions, with the exception of the announcements and the contributions to the Readers' Page.
The published material is free of copyright.
The editors reserve the right to edit or shorten the announcements and reviews without consulting the author(s). Changes in articles and conference reports are co-ordinated with the author(s).
Comprehensive guidelines for authors