The Biotechnology and Development Monitor is a quarterly journal, published by The Network University (TNU, The Netherlands). The journal is available free-of-charge in paper format and in an online version on the Monitor website.
Publication of the Monitor is funded by The Netherlands' Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with contributions from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC, Canada). The donors are in no way responsible for the Monitor 's content and the Monitor is independent of any commercial interests donors may have.

Contributions to the journal are not covered by any copyright. Excerpts may be translated or reproduced without prior permission of the Monitor (with exception of parts reproduced from third sources), but with acknowledgement of the source.

Editorial Board: Paul Klatser, John Komen, Volker Lehmann, Niels Louwaars, Miguel Rojas, Sietze Vellema, Jeroen van Wijk.

Advisors: Gerd Junne, Lara van Druten and Department of Technology and Agricultural Development (TAO), University of Wageningen - Guido Ruivenkamp.

Senior Editor: Hannah Piek.

Managing director: Vic Klabbers TNU.

International Advisory Board: Philip Bereano, University of Washington, USA; Elenita Dano, SEARICE, Philippines; Marie-Jose Guazelli, Centro Ecologico, Brazil; Jaap Hardon, Agromisa, The Netherlands; John Mugabe, ACTS, Kenya; Miguel Rojas, University of Quebec, Montreal, Canada; Pat Mooney, ETC Group, Canada; Christine von Weisacker, Ecropa, Germany.

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ISSN: 0924-9877