The American Journal of Bioethics

The American Journal of Bioethics provides a rapid, peer-reviewed collection of scholarship about emerging issues in bioethics. The Journal is available in a unique print and internet format. Subscribers receive access to the portal, which features on-line news updates, live bioethics events, rankings of bioethics graduate programs, and other materials.



The goal of is to serve as a clearing house for information on the social, ethical and policy issues associated with genetic and genomic knowledge and technology.



GeneWatch UK is an independent organisation concerned with the ethics and risks of genetic engineering. It questions how, why and whether the use of genetic technologies should proceed and believes that the debate over genetic engineering is long overdue.



The Greenpeace site features critical campaigns on various topics, such as climate change, forests, genetic engineering and sustainable trade.


Human Genetics Commission

The Human Genetics Commission is the UK Government’s advisory body on how new developments in human genetics will impact on people and on health care.


Innovation Law Forum

A Canadian research portal for law and policy relating to technology and innovation. These pages focus on law in health and biotechnology.


Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

This website provides online resources on biotechnology and health ethics, access to the center’s programs and links to related websites.


Nuffield Council on Bioethics

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics considers the ethical issues arising from developments in medicine and biology.


SciDev.Net Ethics of Research Dossier

This online dossier provides a broad overview of ethics in medical research in developing countries. Included are key documents, readers’ comments, definitions, links and news items.


Union of Concerned Scientists

This site provides critical web resources on several controversial issues. These include biodiversity, genetically engineered food and health and environment.