Agronomy Journal

Articles relating to original research in soil-plant relationships; crop science; soil science; biometry; crop, soil, pasture, and range management; crop, forage, and pasture production and utilization; turfgrass; agroclimatology; agronomic modeling; statistics; production agriculture; and computer software are published in Agronomy Journal subsequent to review and approval by the editorial board.


The American Journal of Bioethics

The American Journal of Bioethics provides a rapid, peer-reviewed collection of scholarship about emerging issues in bioethics. The Journal is available in a unique print and internet format. Subscribers receive access to the portal, which features on-line news updates, live bioethics events, rankings of bioethics graduate programs, and other materials.


Australasian Biotechnology Journal

Australasian Biotechnology is the official journal of the Australian Biotechnology Association (AusBiotech). It is Australia's only specialist biotechnology publication and features high-quality technical and business articles on biotechnology topics. It has earned an enviable reputation for accuracy and credibility.


Bioline International
An electronic publishing service providing access to quality research journals published in developing countries.


Biosafety News

Biosafety News provides news articles on biotechnology, agriculture, environment and health.


Development Journal

Development provides unique resource and point of reference for the dialogue between activists and intellectuals committed to the search for alternative paths of social transformation towards a more sustainable and just world.


Electronic Journal of Biotechnology

The Electronic Journal of Biotechnology, is a free international scientific electronic journal, published only in electronic format, that publishes gratuitously papers from all areas related to Biotechnology.


The International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology

This major international journal provides a forum for report and discussion of issues and ideas surrounding the important concepts of sustainable development. It focuses on aspects of ecology, economics and sociology related to sustainable development and world resources.


Journal of Biotechnology

The Journal provides a medium for the rapid publication of both full-length articles and short communications on all aspects of biotechnology.


Journal of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology

The journal publishes high-quality primary research papers, in English, in all areas of molecular microbiology and molecular biotechnology, and in addition contains some timely reviews and written symposia on specific topics. JMMB publishes original work on the molecular biology or molecular biotechnology of microorganisms (including bacteria, viruses, and eukaryotic microorganisms).


Marine Biotechnology

The journal publishes articles describing innovative molecular techniques for the study and manipulation (including transgenesis) of marine and freshwater organisms or research pertaining to industrial applications (aquaculture/mariculture) of aquatic organisms.


Nature Biotechnology

This is the specified biotechnology journal of one of the most prestigious science journals in the world, Nature.


Sustainable Development

This journal is a wide interdisciplinary publication which seeks to further debate and discuss the important concept of sustainable development. The scope of the journal therefore allows for contributions which have a local, national or global focus from a philosophical to a practical perspective.


Vietnam Biotechnology Journal

The Vietnam Biotechnology Journal is an online bilingual journal. VBJ publishes daily news, opinions, reviews, tutorials, research articles… covering many areas of the biotechnology world: Health & Medicine, Food, Agriculture, Environment, Policy & Regulation, Business & IP.