Amigos de la Tierra
Spanish site (part of Friends of the Earth International) with general information on biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, climate change and other related fields. (NOTE: this site is only available in Spanish)


Biodiversidad en America Latina 

This site is dedicated to linking Latin-American biodiversity organizations and all of those who work on and defend biodiversity.


Bioinformatics Institute of India

The aim and vision of this institute is providing a platform for individuals, professionals, R&D Organisations, Pharmaceutical & Software companies to utilize and harness the Indian bioinformatics potential.

BiotechBlog is a community-based site focused on biotechnology industry issues. Users are encouraged to submit topics and articles for conversation and comment.


Convention on Biological Diversity

This is the site of the United Nations Environment Program Convention on Biological Diversity. The Convention establishes three main goals: the conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of its components, and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits from the use of genetic resources.


Facing the Future

Facing the Future strives to educate people about critical global issues, including population growth, poverty, over-consumption, and environmental destruction. Facing the Future aims to provide information, but also to build knowledge, create understanding, and ultimately, motivate and empower people to take personal action to build a positive future.


Focus on the Global South

Focus aims to consciously and consistently articulate, link and develop greater coherence between local community-based and national, regional and global paradigms of change. Focus on the Global South strives to create a distinct and cogent link between development at the grassroots and the "macro" levels.


GM Food Quiz

On this website you can test your knowledge on genetically modified food by doing the quiz.


Institute of Science in Society

The Institute of Science in Society (ISIS) works for social responsibility and sustainable approaches in science. The institute promotes critical public understanding of science and engages both scientists and the public in open debate and discussion.


International Development Economics Associates

IDEAs aims to build a pluralist network of heterodox economists engaged in the teaching, research and application of critical analyses of economic development. The organization is headquartered in New Delhi.


International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications

INASP aims to enhance the flow of information within and between countries, especially those with less developed systems of publication and dissemination.


Inter Press Service: The Global News Agency

Inter Press Services focuses its news on coverage on the events and global processes affecting the economic, social and political development of peoples and nations.



An online database and directory of fisheries and aquatic research and development information.



Research and Information System for Non-Aligned and other Developing Countries is a New Delhi based research institution, pursuing work relating to global issues in the field of International Economic Relations and development co-operation among developing countries. RIS, India has also been envisioned as a "Think Tank" for developing countries, fostering effective intellectual dialogue on International Economic issues.


Southwest Biotechnology and Informatics Center

The Southwest Biotechnology and Informatics Center (SWBIC) is part of New Mexico State University. It's goal is to provide information about biotechnology and to support research and education in this field at NMSU and other universities.


The United Nations University Institute for New Technologies 

UNU/UNITECH conducts policy research on the economic and social impact of new technologies in the developing world.