The Network University (the organization that publishes the Biotechnology and Development Monitor), in cooperation with the Monitor and the CBDC Program, developed an online demonstration of an exercise covering part of the pilot project on the Online Course for Mainstreaming the CBDC Approach. The CBDC Program is developing an online course consisting of several modules dealing with various agricultural issues in the developing world. The Network University has extensive knowledge on and experience in developing online courses, and therefore was the logical choice for a partnership.
The demonstration outlines the possibilities available and, for the time being, presents a partial coverage of three main aspects of Seed Systems in the developing world. Other topics that will be covered in the final course structure include: Introduction to Plant Genetic Resources, Non/semi-domesticated biodiversity, Farming Systems, Participatory Variety Selection, Participatory Research Methods, Socio-economic aspects and Policy Environment governing Pant Genetic Resources and Agro-biodiversity.
Take a look at the demo and let us know what you think!