Excellent website focusing on seven aspects of bioscience: environment, biodiversity, genomics, biotechnology, evolution, new frontiers and bioscience education.


Agricultural Economics Institute

The Agricultural Economics Institute (LEI) is the leading institute in the Netherlands for social and economic research on agriculture, horticulture, fisheries, forestry and rural areas. The LEI's focus at both national and international level is the increasing integration of agriculture and agribusiness with the social environment.



AIDEnvironment is an independent research and management consultancy for nature and natural resources. AIDEnvironment aims to conserve and restore diversity and resilience in the natural environment to encourage sustainable development and human welfare.



This website is dedicated to sustainable development, health, education, biodiversity, ecotourism, conservation, agriculture and research in the Amazon.


The American Journal of Bioethics

The American Journal of Bioethics provides a rapid, peer-reviewed collection of scholarship about emerging issues in bioethics. The Journal is available in a unique print and internet format. Subscribers receive access to the portal, which features on-line news updates, live bioethics events, rankings of bioethics graduate programs, and other materials.


Belgo Biotech
This trilingual site (English, French and Dutch) provides basic information on biotechnology, applications and legislation, especially useful for beginners.


Biogene offers this site as a clearinghouse for information about production without genetic manipulation (GM) - with special focus on alternatives to GM. Information is also provided about biotechnology and genetic engineering. You can find projects about these themes, files for download, laws and regulations, and many links to make possible a network.


Biotechnology Patents

This page of the Biotechnology Information Center lists useful web resources on biotechnology patents and patent databases.

Biotechnology Studies Center Iran

The Biotechnology Studies Center aims to help Iranian governmental and private sectors in policy approaches to priority setting for biotechnology development.


Biozone International

Biozone International produces quality resources for students and teachers of senior biology. The Biotechnology section lists sites in the fields of techniques, processes, applications and ethics.


Canadian Patent Database

This database provides access to over 75 years of patent descriptions and images. The database allows one to search, retrieve and study more than 1,400,000 patent documents.


Center for Global Food Issues

The Center for Global Food Issues conducts research and analysis of agriculture and the environmental concerns surrounding food and fiber production. The Center uses its worldwide overview of food and farming to assess policies, improve farmers' understanding of the new globalized farm economy, and heighten awareness of the environmental impacts of various farming systems and food policies.


Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

The FASEB enhances the ability of biomedical and life scientists to improve, through their research, the health, well-being, and productivity of all people.


Food Safety Network

The Food Safety Network at the University of Guelph provides research, commentary, policy evaluation and public information on food safety issues from farm-to-fork.



The goal of is to serve as a clearing house for information on the social, ethical and policy issues associated with genetic and genomic knowledge and technology.


Information Systems for Biotechnology
Here you will find documents and searchable databases pertaining to the development, testing and regulatory review of genetically modified plants, animals and micro-organisms within the US and abroad


Innovation Law Forum

A Canadian research portal for law and policy relating to technology and innovation. These pages focus on law in health and biotechnology.


Intellectual Property Digital Library

The Intellectual Property Digital Library Web site provides access to various intellectual property data collections currently hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organization. These collections include Hague, JOPAL (non-patent reference), Madrid and PCT data and support fully searchable information retrieval and display by users on demand.


Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

This website provides online resources on biotechnology and health ethics, access to the center’s programs and links to related websites.


Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences

This educational website was developed to help people understand the issues of science surrounding biotechnology. Penn State faculty and county-based educators share scientific information to help consumers, farmers and interested citizens make informed decisions on the issue.


Plant Research International

Plant Research International is an institute that combines a lengthy tradition in strategic research with a global outlook and next-generation standards of innovation. Top quality research is combined with up-to-date business development.



Research and Information System for Non-Aligned and other Developing Countries is a New Delhi based research institution, pursuing work relating to global issues in the field of International Economic Relations and development co-operation among developing countries. RIS, India has also been envisioned as a "Think Tank" for developing countries, fostering effective intellectual dialogue on International Economic issues.


Royal Tropical Institute

The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) is an independent centre of knowledge and expertise in the areas of international and intercultural cooperation. The aims of KIT are to contribute to sustainable development, poverty alleviation and cultural preservation and exchange.


Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program

SARE works to increase knowledge about - and help farmers and ranchers adopt - practices that are economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible.


Sustainable Development International

Sustainable Development International aims to educate a global audience by providing information and knowledge on all aspects of sustainable development and environmental issues through cross-media platforms.


Swiss Node

Swiss Node provides the actors in the field of agricultural research for development with up-to-date information, mainly focused on Switzerland, and it offers them webpublishing services to present their work on the internet.


The Network University
The Network University in Amsterdam aims to be one of the world’s most innovative institutions of higher learning. It offers online courses on various fields of expertise, organizes online debates and organizes specific workshops combining online and face-to-face learning experiences. Since 2000, TNU publishes the Biotechnology and Development Monitor.


The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

The Sanger Insititute is a genome research institute that aims to further the knowledge of genomes, particularly through large scale sequencing and analysis.


University of Washington Department of Technical Communication

The Department of Technical Communication offers a wide variety of degree programs and performs research in technical communication and related fields.


Wageningen University

The Wageningen University for Life Sciences has evolved into one of the world’s leading education and research centers in the plant, animal, environmental, agrotechnical, food and social sciences.


Wageningen University Department of Plant Sciences

The Wageningen University Department of Plant Sciences is a leading center for research and education with regard to the plant and its environment.