Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration

ETC group is dedicated to the conservation and sustainable advancement of cultural and ecological diversity and human rights. To this end, ETC group supports socially responsible developments of technologies useful to the poor and marginalized and it addresses international governance issues and corporate power.



This website is dedicated to sustainable development, health, education, biodiversity, ecotourism, conservation, agriculture and research in the Amazon.


The Association for Progressive Communications

The Association for Progressive Communications is an international network of civil society organisations dedicated to empowering and supporting groups and individuals working for peace, human rights, development and protection of the environment, through the strategic use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), including the Internet.


Development Gateway

The Development Gateway is an interactive portal for information and knowledge sharing on sustainable development and poverty reduction.


EarthYouth.Net is the one-stop entry-point for young people concerned about the need for sustainable development - from the beginner to the seasoned campaigner. It is conceived and run entirely by young people actively involved in the movement towards sustainable development.


Eldis Gateway to Development

ELDIS is a gateway to information on development issues, providing free and easy access to a wide range of high quality online resources. These include summaries and links to online documents, a directory of websites, databases, library catalogues and email discussion lists.



The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) 's mission is to provide feasible solutions for the sustainable development of the Brazilian agribusiness by generating, adapting and transferring knowledge and technology that benefits the Brazilian Society.


Environmental Consulting Services

ECS's main objective is to assist developers, from both the private and public sectors, to complying with the various national environmental requirements. In addition, this website aims to present a unique collection of environmentally related articles, legislation, reports, policies, action plans and much more.


Friends of the Earth Europe

FoEE coordinates and supports the campaigns and projects of its member groups which deal with a large variety of subjects including food, farming and biotechnology; climate change, energy, eco-taxation and nuclear safety; globalisation, trade, corporate accountability and sustainable development; EU Accession; and regional programmes in Central, Eastern
and South Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.


Intermediate Technology Development Group

The ITDG aims to demonstrate and advocate the sustainable use of technology to reduce poverty in developing countries. This UK-based charity works directly in four regions of the developing world – Latin America, East Africa, Southern Africa and South Asia, with particular concentration on Peru, Kenya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.


International Institute for Communication and Development

The IICS assists in developing countries to realize locally owned sustainable development by harnessing the potential of information and communication technologies.


International Institute for Sustainable Development

The International Institute for Sustainable Development aims to advance policy recommendations on international trade and investment, economic policy, climate change, measurement and indicators, and natural resource management to make development sustainable.


International Institute for Trade and Sustainable Development

ICTSD facilitates interaction between policy-makers and those outside the system to help trade policy become more supportive of sustainable development. By helping parties increase capacity and become better informed about each other, ICTSD builds bridges between groups with seemingly disparate agendas. It seeks to enable these actors to discover the many places where their interests and priorities coincide, for ultimately sustainable development is their common objective


Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development

The Novartis Foundation aims to improve the quality of life of the
poorest people in developing countries through programs & contributions to development policy discussions.



OneWorld aims to be the online media gateway that most effectively informs a global audience about human rights and sustainable development



SciDev.Net is a free-access, Internet-based network devoted to reporting on and discussing those aspects of modern science and technology that are relevant to sustainable development and the social and economic needs of developing countries.


Science and Technology Policy Research Institute

The STEPRI in Ghana aims to be the foremost national institution that facilitates the development of local innovation, enhanced through mastery of proven technologies, and sustainably utilised in accordance with national needs, resources and priorities.


SEARICE – Southeast Asia Regional Initiatives for Community Empowerment

SEARICE works for the creation of a just and democratic civil society that upholds people initiatives towards the creative and sustainable utilization of the earth's resources.


The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency is the Swedish government agency for bilateral international development cooperation. Sida’s task is to create conditions conductive to change and to socially, economically and environmentally sustainable development.


South Centre

The South Centre is intended to meet the need for analysis of development problems and experience, as well as to provide intellectual and policy support required by developing countries for collective and individual action in the international arena.


Stockholm Environment Institute

SEI is an independent, international research institute specializing in sustainable development and environment issues. It works at local, national, regional and global policy levels. The SEI research programmes aim to clarify the requirements, strategies and policies for a transition to sustainability.


Sustainable Africa

Sustainable Africa is a digital-commons project of the AllAfrica Foundation and aims to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding in the fields of water, energy, health, agriculture and biodiversity.


Sustainable Development International

Sustainable Development International aims to educate a global audience by providing information and knowledge on all aspects of sustainable development and environmental issues through cross-media platforms.


Sustainable Development Network

The Sustainable Development Network is a network of individuals and non-governmental organizations which generate policy materials, coordinate events for policymakers, and work with the news media to promote debate on issues which pertain to sustainable development including environmental and trade policy, economic policy, health, and legal frameworks.


United Kingdom Government - Sustainable Development

This website reports on progress by the United Kingdom as a whole towards sustainable development.


World Foundation for Environment and Development

WFED works to sustain economic development and conserve the Earth’s biological resources through facilitating equitable and efficient access and benefit-sharing frameworks and by producing targeted information tools designed to improve public understanding of the issues underlying environmental conflicts.


Worldwatch Institute

Worldwatch is a non-profit public policy research organization dedicated to informing policymakers and the public about emerging global problems and trends and the complex links between the world economy and its environmental support systems.